Must Have Jazz Recordings (2017)

Jackson, Seger, Broonzy, Strayhorn, Coltrane, Henry, Wilkins, Bishop, Leigh, Gershwin, HEYWARD, Knowles, Cole Porter, Garfield

Munyungo Jackson, Josh Sklair, Todd Cochran, James Leary, Sam Sklair, Main Liners, Vickie Leigh, KAREN KNOWLES, Sekou Bunch, Kate Mc Garry, Toolbox

The heart and soul of any recorded sound must surely be the acoustical properties of the room or hall itself, and the microphones being used within that acoustic.

David Manley designed the VITAL MUSIC studio in Chino, California, for “purist” recording techniques only, with all the music played “live” and captured through a Manley “Gold Reference” Stereo Condenser Microphone, straight onto 2 stereo tracks. The Studer C37 analogue tape deck with only Manley pure tube circuitry, at 15 ips, was used with no noise reduction and mastered for CD Gold through the dCS Converter A/D to create the digital master.

Sound, pure and, powerful and satisfying.

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KAREN KNOWLES' success is well known to Australian audiences, having received a gold record while still at high school with her smash hit single “Why won't You Explain?” . She followed it with platinum-selling album “You Are The Reason”. Shortly after, “Loves Us All”, her second album, was released gaining gold status , making her one of the most successful Australian female artists of all time.
After a period spent overseas honoring her talents, Karen returned to Australia in 1988 to star in the hit musical “Big River” before joining the legendary Australian group, The Seekers, further consolidating her reputation as one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. She recently announced  her decision to leave The Seekers to concentrate on her solo career.
Karen has often been a guest singer with the Australian Symphony and Pops Orchestras, and maintains a very busy and varied live performance schedule. She Has been a well known personality on national TV in Australia throughout her career and has consolidated a strong following by appearing in two of the most long standing Australian TV programmes; “Young Talent Time” and currently with her regular weekly appearances on Bert Newton's “New Faces”.

Sekou Bunch

Born and raised in New York, Sekou Bunch began pursuing his creative talents at an early age. One of his first paintings was put on display at the Museum of Art in New York when he was just seven years old. At this time, Bunch also began dancing in local talent shows, often taking first prize. He later became one of the original break dancers in the Bronx, where he often attended the famed "DJ Kool Herc" parties. At age 15, Bunch picked up a bass guitar and, with the help of his Uncle Ralph, found his true passion. Three years later, Bunch recorded his first professional record, Funkin' for Jamaica, an LP that eventually went gold. While honing his skills, he completed two years of college at St. Francis College and Glendale Community College.
Currently a professional jazz musician, Bunch continues to tour, record and act. He plays electric bass, double bass, clarinet, guitar and piano. He has recorded and performed with Will Downing, Lalah Hathaway, George BensonQuincy Jones, Coolio, Michael Jackson, Liza MinnelliLuther Vandross, Roger Daltry, Paul AnkaAnita BakerWayne ShorterRay Charles and Ice Cube, among others. He co-wrote the Tom Browne single, "Thighs High." He appeared in the feature films "Coming to America," "Wild Orchid" and "Byrd." He has also played on numerous commercials and soundtracks, having most recently recorded the bass for the feature film "The Fast and the Furious 3." He can also be seen in the upcoming feature film "Dreamgirls." In addition, Bunch will release a new CD of his own entitled The Next Level in December 2006.

Bunch enjoys gardening, painting, drawing, reading and writing. He also enjoys basketball, racquetball and lifting weights. He is most proud of obtaining his first Gold Record Award when he was just 19 years old.

Bunch currently resides in Los Angeles. He has three children, Brandis, Brooke, Shalonda, a step daughter Kai, a fiance'e, Toi, and is a proud grandfather to Carlos and Shelby 

Kate Mc Garry

With 5 critically acclaimed CDs and a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal CD to her credit, Kate McGarry is recognized as an international jazz artist who brings authenticity and vitality to every song she sings. The Wall St. Journal has called her music, "...austere and exceptionally appealing blend of folk and jazz."
Raised in a large Irish Catholic family in Massachusetts, Kate and her nine siblings were surrounded by diverse musical influences and spent many nights singing together. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Afro-American Music and Jazz and spent a decade in Los Angeles practicing her craft before moving to NYC. - See more at:

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Must Have Jazz Recordings (2017)

Jackson, Seger, Broonzy, Strayhorn, Coltrane, Henry, Wilkins, Bishop, Leigh, Gershwin, HEYWARD, Knowles, Cole Porter, Garfield

Munyungo Jackson, Josh Sklair, Todd Cochran, James Leary, Sam Sklair, Main Liners, Vickie Leigh, KAREN KNOWLES, Sekou Bunch, Kate Mc Garry, Toolbox

Analog Recording Equipment: Studer C37 1/2 inch 2-Track Stereo Analog Tape Recorder with Manley pure tube circuitry at 15 ips
Digital Converters: dCS
Mastering Engineer: Giulio Cesare Ricci - Transferred from Analog Master Tape to DSD by using the Signoricci System with Valve (Tube) electronics
Microphones: Manley Gold Reference Stereo Condenser Microphones
Mixing Board: Manley Reference
Producer: David Manley
Recording Engineer: David Manley
Recording location: Vital Music Studio, Chino, California (recorded live to 2-Track Stereo Analog Tape)
Recording Type & Bit Rate: Analog to DSD64

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SACD185: Must Have Jazz Recordings
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Memories Of Rio
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Easy To Love
Cole Porter
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Gone Gone Gone
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Big-Hearted Woman
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Prodigal Son
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Chelsea Bridge
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Key To The Highway
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